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Variable Data Publishing Resource Center

Variable Data Publishing ID

Today's media-rich environment supports a wide array of communications channels, including print, telephone, e-mail, websites, radio, television, and wireless devices. While this mix offers great versatility, it also increases the volume of messages vying for consumers' attention.

To break through the din, marketing and creative professionals are faced with the challenge of producing communication campaigns that deliver relevant, graphically rich information that targets specific recipients in their preferred method of communications. That's a tall order.

Variable Data Publishing (VDP) solutions are meeting this challenge today. Adobe has been driving the technology behind VDP for more than a decade, with industry-standard and advanced VDP workflows and an extended network of VDP solution providers who offer VDP plug-in solutions, composition software, and output systems. Together, we are making a wide range of VDP solutions more accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes.

Adobe created the VDP Resource Center as a central forum for those seeking to create and deliver messages that will stand out and be noticed in an increasingly competitive and diverse media environment. Specifically, the VDP Resource Center:

  • Describes VDP campaigns that produce the best results
  • Keeps you apprised of emerging VDP trends and technologies
  • Helps you evaluate and select the ideal VDP solution for your application
  • Presents best-practices case studies by Adobe partners that show how VDP can take your communications to a new level
  • Provides downloads of VDP tools and plug-ins for your evaluation and links to locations for their purchase

We invite you to explore each section of the Adobe VDP Resource Center. If you don't find the information you need, we'll gladly address your inquiry individually.

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