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Sam Cundall

Winner: Sam Cundall

Sam is a Flash animator and director who last year set up his company Notion Digital, offering 'Traditional animation made with Flash'. Sam has worked in the animation industry since 2002, most recently directing eight music videos for "One Eskimo", creating web banners for Genworth, Gartmore and Audi, and animating & directing an advert for "Child Maintenence Options". Sam has previously worked on numerous projects with Gray, Nexus, Collective London, Guardian, Not to Scale, Pirata, Passion Pictures and Warner Premiere.

See his work at:

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Howard Read

Guest Speaker: Howard Read
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 25th November 2010

November's speaker at Inspired Media is Howard Read. Howard Read is a comic, writer, animator and actor, in that order. He is best known for being one half (and the other half), of the Big Howard, Little Howard, the world's first human cartoon double-act. He is also an acclaimed stand-up comic, writer, author, illustrator and animator.

Howard will be showing how he has created his cartoon alter-ego using Flash.

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Dog Judo

Guest Speaker: Andrew Kelleher and Barry Evans
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 21st October 2010

October's speakers at Inspired Media are Andrew Kelleher and Barry Evans from animation company 12foot6. Andrew and Barry are behind the animated internet series Dog Judo. Originally commissioned for four episodes by Virgin Mobile in 2004, Dog Judo is a cult comedy produced by 12foot6 about Rexley and Roy, two rival dogs obsessed with Judo - and has now passed the forty episode mark. The series was created in 2004 by Andrew and is part of a broader series of canine photo cut-out animations. The dogs have had their own programs on Channel 4 and E4 and currently feature the voice of Rik Mayall as Roy's Dad. As well as Dog Judo, Andrew is currently working on the Funky Pigeon commercials.

Dave Barnard

Guest Speaker: Dave Barnard
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 23rd September 2010

September's speaker at Inspired Media is Dave Barnard. Dave has been working with film, video and digital media for 23 years, using his background in photography and engineering to develop affordable digital post-production methods and enable new production techniques. Dave will be talking about the making of "Mirrormask" and give an insight into the obstacles to be overcome when making an animated feature film without a big studio budget, with the creative solutions employed on this and other projects.

Paul Tuersley

Guest Speaker: Paul Tuersley
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 1st July 2010

June's Inspired Media event is taking place on Thursday 1st July and the speaker is Paul Tuersley. Paul has been working as a freelance motion graphics and visual effects artist for sixteen years, working on a wide range of projects from television opening titles, music videos and commercials to film visual effects compositing, including being part of the Emmy award winning VFX teams on "The Life & Death of Peter Sellers" and "Rome".

Matt Wicks

Guest Speaker: Matt Wicks
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 20th May 2010

May's speaker at Inspired Media is Matt Wicks. Matt has been working in digital media for fifteen years, and comes from a performance art background. He is particularly interested in the interface between the digital and the actual, and the role that that line plays in defining the participation in or viewing of an experience. He frequently works for Adobe presenting on their behalf and has worked as a Flash Developer since the quiet and peaceful days of Flash 2. He has recently been responsible for co-writing and delivering the BB.

Suky Best

Guest Speaker: Suky Best
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 22nd April 2010

April's speaker is Suky Best, an artist working with print, animation and video. She recently made The Flowers of the Mansion, a commission for the Tatton Park Biennale, The Park in Winter, Arts Council Englands online Christmas card, Early Birds, an Animate Projects commission for Channel 4 in association with Arts Council England, About Running, a moving image commission for The Great North Run (an annual half marathon that takes place in Newcastle), Stone Voices, a permanent sculptural piece for the Devils Glen in Ireland, and From the Archive, an animation for the main reception area of University College Hospital London. She has exhibited at the Baltic Gateshead & Art Now Lightbox at Tate Britain (works made in collaboration with Rory Hamilton) and has had a solo exhibitions and publications, including The Return of the Native at the Pump House Gallery London. In 2005 she completed a Wellcome trust funded SCIART project, making animations for hospital outpatient areas. She was Fellow in Printmaking at the University of Wolverhampton (funded by the Henry Moore Foundation)1998-2000, and has just begun an Mphil research degree at the Royal College of Art, London, investigating the relationships between birds and film.

Suky Best will be talking about her moving image/animation works via a progression of ideas and techniques. She will demonstrate how she approaches Photoshop and After Effects in her workflow to create a style that appears 'non-digital'. Using extracts from works made over the past 10 years, she will talk about working collaboratively with artist Rory Hamilton and her solo practice.

Seb Lee-Delisle

Guest Speaker: Seb Lee-Delisle
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 25th March 2010

March's speaker at Inspired Media is Seb Lee-Delisle. Seb has been working in digital media for over 15 years and is the founding partner at award winning digital agency Plug-in Media ( He is a specialist in games, physics, motion detection, 3D and visual effects (such as particle effects). His work has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Flash, and has received many accolades including a BAFTA for the Plug-in Media project Big and Small. As a member of the Papervision3D team, he is an expert in Flash 3D. He is regularly invited to speak at conferences, and has presented at iDesign, FITC, FlashForward and many others. In his spare time he manages FlashBrighton, a Flash platform user group. Read more about Seb at

His presentation is entitled 'Space Invaders' and he will be showing groundbreaking work created in Flash. Seb says, "Why limit yourself to 2D in the browser when you can use 3D, webcam motion detection and massive projectors to invade the real space all around you?" Seb will share his experience on the Papervision3D team and as Technical Director at Plug-in Media, putting the fun back into digital. Whether through Flash games, projects that involve the wider digital community, or public art installations like Pyrotechnics for the People.

Monica Laita

Guest Speaker: Monica Laita
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 18th February 2010

February’s speaker at Inspired Media is Monica Laita, freelance Illustrator, Animator and Painter based in London. Born in Italy, as a child, Monica dreamed of opening an ice cream shop, but after carrying off the top prize in a drawing competition aged 6, her aspirations soon moved towards a more creative career. She grew up in Paris where she first studied Fashion Design at Studio Bercot and then went on to study Graphic Design and Animation at Central Saint Martins in London. She is now represented by New Division in London, Vapeurs in Paris and Aareps in New York. She has worked for corporate and editorial clients around the world including British Telecom, Garnier, Kiss FM, MTV-Ice Breakers, Virgin, Marks&Spencer, Penguin Books and magazines such as Vogue Publications, FHM, Cosmopolitan UK-NY, Cosmo Girl NY, Elle Girls, MarieClaire, New Woman, Time Out, J17 and Company.

Monica still finds it difficult to stop her passion to change the mundane into her vision of glamour and she will be sharing her creative inspiration as well as demonstrating how she uses Adobe software in her work. This will include collage and re-touching techniques in Photoshop and how to integrate Photoshop with Flash to produce animatics and rich, textural backgrounds.

Milo Waterfield

Guest Speaker: Milo Waterfield
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 26th November 2009

Milo Waterfield has been working as an Animator and Animation Director since 1998. He first studied animation at the London Animation School at Central Saint Martins and later completed an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art. He was in-house at Zeppotron from 2000; directing Charlie Brooker's web series Office Romance and comedy content for TV, web and 3g mobile before going on to co-found animation studio Flush Draw ( with Chi Chow. Milo is currently working on a short film, Lobster Club, commissioned by 4mations Digital Shorts. Check out his blog on

Milo will be talking about Flash and After Effects in combination to create content for TV, web and short films.

Steve Caplin

Guest Speaker: Steve Caplin
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 14th January 2010

Steve Caplin lives in London and is a freelance graphic artist specialising in satirical photomontage. His work appears regularly in British newspapers (including The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and The Independent) and magazines (including Radio Times, Financial Times magazines, Reader's Digest and many others). He is also a contributing editor to MacUser magazine, and is a beta tester for Adobe software.His advertising work has included commissions from Saatchi & Saatchi, Lowe Howard Spink, M&C Saatchi and Bartle Bogle Hegarty, for which he has won two Campaign Poster Awards and a D&AD award.

Steve's work has been covered in feature articles in Creative Technology, What Digital Camera, Computer Arts and the Journal of Digital Photography, as well as in chapters in The New Mac Designer's Handbook by Alastair Campbell, and Digital Photography by Tom Ang. He also lectures on Photoshop techniques and the ethics of photomontage.He is the author of several books, including How to Cheat in Photoshop, How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements, Icon Design, Art & Design in Photoshop, and the Complete Guide to Digital Illustration.How non-technical books include Dad Stuff and Complete & Utter Zebu.

Steve will be showing photomontage and compositing techniques using Photoshop.

Matt West

Guest Speaker: Matt West
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 22nd October 2009

Matt West is a lead animator and production manager at Cartoon Network. He trained in traditional animation at Central Saint Martin's, and has since worked extensively in Flash, animating on series for the BBC (Monkeydust, Charlie and Lola), Channel 4 (The Blue Dragon), Nickelodeon (Terrible Tim) and most recently Cartoon Network, where he was lead animator on Skatoony, a hit show mixing animation with live action. He won the BBC New Animation Award in 2002, and is the author of Making an Animated Film: A Practical Guide. Matt will be talking about the different ways Flash is used to make TV animation, and how it can be combined with Illustrator and After FX to produce different results.

Stuart Warren-Hill

Guest Speaker: Stuart Warren-Hill from Hexstatic
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date: Thursday 17th September 2009

September's speaker is Stuart Warren-Hill, an audio-visual artist at the forefront of experimentation with the combination of sound and vision to produce integrated audio-visual experiences. As part of the seminal UK AV duo Hexstatic, whose work crosses the boundary between music and art, he has performed around the world at venues and festivals as diverse as the Guggenheim museum and the huge Electraglide raves in Japan for over 10,000 people, as well as a regular spot at the Big Chill festival, which he was instrumental in founding. In 2005, Hexstatic projected video onto a huge water screen over the Thames as part of the Thames Festival.

Stuart has worked with artists such as Coldcut and David Byrne of Talking Heads and has also produced / directed audio visual projects for many clients, including the BBC, Getty Images, Greenpeace, MTV, and Sony BMG. Stuart has won many awards including MCM Atlas [French national TV] Award for Best Video Editing, Portobello Film Festival Best Music Film and the Focal Award for Best Use of Footage in an Advertisement. You can find examples of Hexstatic's ground-breaking audio-visual work on Vimeo:

Stuart will be presenting a retrospective of a decade of Hexstatic’s audio-visual work and the evolution of the AV genre. He will explain how he uses Adobe Premiere and After Effects to help him create his work. Stuart will also talk about the future of audio visual performance and touch on his new 3D experimental project, Holotronica.

Andrea Balboni

Guest Speaker: Andrea Balboni
Location: Curzon Cinema, 93 – 107 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London
Date: 30th June 2009

Andrea Balboni is a graphic designer living and working in London.

Clients span various sectors from media and the arts (Barnes and, The Shubert Theater) to fashion and luxury (Tod’s Group, a.testoni, Lindt Chocolates, San Pellegrino). She works with digital and print, and is currently a Senior Digital Designer at UKTV.

New York City is where Andrea began her career. She continued developing personal and professional projects in Tokyo and Milan before arriving in the UK two years ago. Photography, writing and forays into video keep her happy when she is not designing for clients.

Andrea will be speaking about her recent experience at UKTV, where the New Media team met the challenge of re-branding and re-building 10 complex websites in less than a year. Branding and marketing imperatives were an obvious consideration for the project, as was communicating the splash and dynamism of television. At the same time, creating pages that reflected user-centered design principles, and that are accessible to a wide audience was important to the team. It was getting this balance right that has made each site so successful.

Andrea will explain how the New Media Team worked together through concept, design, testing and development stages to make it all happen.

Gareth Edwards

Guest Speaker: Gareth Edwards, Director and Visual Effects Artist
Location: Curzon Cinema, 93 - 107 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London
Date: Tuesday 26th May 2009

Gareth Edwards graduated from Film school over 10 years ago, where he was one of the first traditional film students to combine live-action drama with digital effects. After graduating, he went on to work as a director in low-budget television as well as at some of the UK's leading post-production facilities as a freelance visual effects artist. Eventually becoming frustrated with the "factory approach" to every project, he soon branched out on his own creating high-end computer graphics for television clients including the BBC, Channel 4, MTV and the Discovery Channel, all of which were completed entirely "from his bedroom". He won a BAFTA for his visual effects in 'Hiroshima' (BBC / Discovery), was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for 'End Day' (BBC) and received an Emmy for 'Perfect Disaster: Super Tornado' (Discovery / Channel 5). He is currently directing his first feature film - a sci-fi road movie due for release in 2010 - shooting in Mexico, Guatemala and Texas.

Gareth will demonstrate some of the techniques that he used when directing the BBC drama 'Attila the Hun', which contained over 250 HD visual effects shots, all of which were created by himself in less than five months using Adobe® Creative Suite® Production Premium. He will break down shots, techniques and workflow used in the actual production of the programme, that combined After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Mocha and 3dsMax.

Chris Allen

Guest Speaker: Chris Allen from the Light Surgeons
Location: Curzon Cinema, 93 - 107 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London
Date: Tuesday 28th April 2009

Chris Allen founded the Light Surgeons in 1996 shortly after graduating from Portsmouth University. The Light Surgeons operate as a multi-media production company from a base in east London, producing a wide variety of creative projects from the commercial to artist-lead. Their work spans many diverse mediums; print, photography, motion graphics, short films, exhibitions and installations. Over the past thirteen years they have helped to pioneer new forms of cross platform practice, particularly with their audio visual performances, and expanded cinema projects and installations, working with clients such as Nokia, Ron Arad Associates, BBC, Royal Festival Hall, Blackberry, the Rolling Stones, U.N.K.L.E. and the Sneaker Pimps. Their work is exhibited in art museums and at film festivals internationally, including onedotzero, the Guggenheim Museum, the Geffrye Museum, Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Venice bienniale.

Chris will be screening a selection of films that document various projects from the Light Surgeons.