Notice to Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection trial users

Notice to trial users

The trial version of Adobe® After Effects® CS5.5 does not include some features that depend on software licensed from parties other than Adobe. If you decide to purchase Adobe Creative Suite® 5.5 Master Collection after the trial period, support for these codecs, plug-ins, and presets will automatically be added via a simple update once you enter a valid serial number.

After Effects CS5.5

Some third-party plug-ins, such as Imagineer Systems mocha and mocha shape, Foundry Keylight, CycoreFX, Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse LE, fnord ProEXR, and Digieffects FreeForm, are not included in the trial version of After Effects.

Encore CS5

Adobe EncoreĀ® CS5 is not available as a trial. Encore CS5 will be installed as part of the trial for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Creative SuiteĀ® 5.5 Production Premium, and Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection but will not be available for use until you purchase.