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Adobe Certification

People and businesses all over the world rely on Adobe products. They also rely on the ability to learn new product versions and updates as they are released. By becoming an Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC), your business will benefit from a visible tie to the Adobe brand, as well as inside access to useful training materials, prerelease software, and a variety of Adobe partner resources and information.

What is an AATC?

An Adobe Authorized Training Center is a commercial training facility that offers instructor-led courses and training on Adobe products. To become an AATC, a training center must manage their own training facility, employ Adobe Certified Instructors (ACIs), and meet additional requirements.

Promotional benefits:

  • Leverage the power of the Adobe brand
  • Receive program communications
  • Use your certificate and other promotional materials for display in business.
  • Gain permission to use the AATC or ACI logo and Adobe trademarks in advertising materials
  • Receive a free listing in the online Adobe Partner Finder
  • Establish a link between the Adobe Partner Finder and your company Web site.
  • Gain access to Adobe global sales tools
  • Access to KnowledgeAdvisors Metrics-that-Matter™ (MTM) on-line course evaluation system

Product benefits:

  • Become eligible to evaluate prerelease software for products on which you are certified to train (when available)
  • Receive educational pricing on most Adobe products
  • Receive discounts on Adobe Press books, Element K courseware, and Total Training videos
  • Gain access to high quality content, such as Adobe e-seminars, program communications, online product demonstration files, and more

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