Instructor Certification for Enterprise and Mobile Products

The following products each have a required curriculum and a special instructor certification process:

  • AIR
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional / Adobe Presenter
  • Flash Lite
  • Flash Media Server
  • Flex
  • LiveCycle

The steps for becoming an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) for these courses include: complete the ACI online application. pass the appropriate product exam, attend the current version of the course you wish to teach, submit a completed instructor questionnaire, and pass a stand up certification. These steps are further defined below.

Steps for Enterprise and Mobile Instructor Certification

  1. Complete ACI application, if you are not already an active Adobe Certified Instructor.
  2. Sign-up for the Adobe Certified exam for the appropriate product listed above (if available*). Instructors certifying for Flash Media Server must pass the current Flash Developer exam.
  3. Note: Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional is available online through Prometric and is not part of the ACE exam program. Acrobat Connect Professional is a required exam for instructors only.

  4. When you have passed the exam, please contact us to let us know which Enterprise or Mobile product exam you have passed (with "Enterprise ACI" in the subject line). An Adobe representative will then contact you with instructions on how to register to take the class you wish to teach.
  5. Attend** the class for the desired course, in order to view the class from an instructor's perspective. Be sure to obtain a certification of completion (or equivalent) to submit in step 5.
  6. Download and fill out the appropriate Instructor Questionnaire, detailing your experience with the product and technology:
  7. Once completed, submit your Instructor Questionnaire as directed in the questionnaire. You will be contacted within ten business days once received.
  8. Perform and pass a stand-up instructor certification with a qualified Master Instructor. Certification results will be provided directly to Adobe.
  9. Adobe will notify you of the results of your stand-up certification.

* If the Adobe Certified exam for the product is not yet available, you can obtain conditional certification pending the release of the exam, and will have 90 days to pass the exam after its release to maintain your certification. If an exam for the product is not yet available, please contact us for more information. In your request, please enter "Enterprise ACI" in the subject line, and state which product listed above you wish to teach.

** Note that fees for classes are set and collected by the partners who deliver them.