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Downloading and installing Adobe Creative Suite (2.0 Premium and Standard on Windows)

What's covered
Downloading Adobe Creative Suite
Finding the downloaded files
Installing Adobe Creative Suite
You can download Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) copies of Adobe Creative Suite from the Adobe website. This document can help you download and install your software.

Downloading Adobe Creative Suite
When you start downloading Adobe Creative Suite, the Adobe Download Manager either starts automatically or you're prompted to install it. (To install, double-click the Adobe Download Manager Setup file or the Adobe Mgr Setup.exe file that your web browser downloaded. The download will start automatically.)
Adobe Download Manager downloads all files to a destination folder at C:\temp, unless you select a different location. If you add a new item to the download queue while the download is in progress, Adobe Download Manager automatically downloads the new item to the current destination. Unless the download is interrupted, Adobe Download Manager requires your input only after all files are downloaded. For a list of download times for Adobe Creative Suite files, see the table in the "Finding downloaded files" section, in this document.
Important: Make backup copies of your downloaded files.
For more information about downloading files, visit the Adobe Store, and click Download Information.

Install Now option
When all files have been downloaded, Adobe Download Manager provides the option to install now or later.
Note: Adobe recommends that you click Install Later to prevent the installer from starting before all files are extracted. (See "Installing Adobe Creative Suite" in this document for instructions.) For example, if the CS_2.0_UE_Ret_D1 disk image is extracted first, the InstallShield wizard may return an error, "Please insert disk [ number ]." If this error occurs, click OK in the dialog box and then double-click the disk image to which the installer refers to manually extract the disk and complete the installation.
If you click Install Now, the downloaded files are extracted as virtual disks and the InstallShield wizard starts automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Adobe Creative Suite. (Click OK to continue the installation when the following message appears: "Unable to create the specified output folder.")
To install the Total Training Video Workshop, extract the file by using a decompression utility, such as WinZip or PKWare PKZip. Both utilities are available as tryouts.

Finding the downloaded files

When the download is complete, check the destination folder to make sure that it contains all the files you need to install Adobe Creative Suite.
The Premium version includes a total of seven files; the Standard version includes five files.
If you can't find your downloaded files, start Adobe Download Manager and click Open Folder. The destination folder opens to show you the most recently downloaded files. If Download Manager returns the prompt indicating that required files haven't yet been downloaded, click Download Now to download the remaining files.
Note: To ensure that the files you downloaded aren't damaged, check the file sizes to determine if they match those listed in this section.

Downloaded file name
Default location of extracted files
File size
Estimated download times
CS_2.0_IE_Ret_D1.exe C:\Creative Suite CS2 379 MB 56 K : 13,5 h
DSL : 1,75 h
T1 : 35 min
CS_2.0_IE_Ret_D2.exe C:\Creative Suite CS2\Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 430 MB 56 K : 17 h
DSL : 2 h
T1 : 38 min
CS_2.0_IE_Ret_D3.exe C:\Creative Suite CS2\Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 349 MB 56 K : 13,75 h
DSL : 1,5 h
T1 : 30 min
CS_2.0_IE_Ret_D4.exe* C:\Creative Suite CS2\Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 319 MB 56 K : 12,5 h
DSL : 1,5 h
T1 : 28 min
CS_2.0_IE_Extras_1.exe C:\CS_2.0_IE_Extras_1 431 MB 56 K : 17 h
DSL : 2 h
T1 : 38 min
CS_2.0_IE_Extras_2.exe* C:\CS_2.0_IE_Extras_2* 31 MB 56 K : 1,25 h
DSL : 8 min
T1 : 2 min   451 MB 56 K : 18,5 h
DSL : 2 h
T1 : 42 min
* Premium only

Installing Adobe Creative Suite
After you download Adobe Creative Suite, the Adobe Download Manager prompts you to install now, or to install later. (See "Install Now option" in this document.)
If you clicked Install Later, use the following instructions to install Adobe Creative Suite:
1. Open the folder to which you downloaded the files, and select the following disk images:
CS_2.0_UE_Ret_D4 *
CS_2.0_WWE_Extras_2 *
* Premium Only
2. Choose File > Open. The extraction process may require several minutes to complete.
Note: When the following message appears, click OK, and continue the installation, "Unable to create the specified output folder."
3. Click Finish when the CS_2.0_WWE_Extras_1 disk image is installed.
4. Click Next and then click Finish for each disk image, as prompted by the InstallShield Wizard.
5. Select the CS_2.0_UE_Ret_D1 disk image and choose File > Open.
6. Select Next when the Installshield Wizard asks you to install the file.
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Adobe Creative Suite when the installer starts.
8. Double-click the file to extract and install the Total Training Video Workshop.
If an error or system freeze occurs during installation, see document, 331298 (U.S.) , "Troubleshoot installation problems (Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 on Windows)."


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