Adobe Getting Started Support

Adobe is committed to ensuring that customers can easily install applications and get started right away. To make sure you're successful, Adobe provides individual users and volume licensing customers with both complimentary support for standard installations and access to CS Live subscriptions. Individual customers are also eligible for a limited number of free technical support cases to help answer your preliminary technical support questions.

For more information, see Support policies.


Adobe provides the following support for software products that are licensed for one user only:

  • Unlimited installation support by phone or via a chat session for the current and previous version of the software product, including trials. For two versions back, installation support is provided for 90 days after the current version has been released. For example, installation support for CS3 is available up to 90 days after the release of CS5.
  • How-to and product usage support for the current shipping version. This type of support is also provided for the previous version for 90 days after a new full version has been released.
  • Product defect support by phone for the current and previous version of the software product, including trials.
  • A limited number of complimentary technical support incidents via Adobe's web support portal or by phone. Technical support incidents cover basic "how-to" questions and troubleshooting unexpected behavior related to documented features.

    Your complimentary incidents are available for 90 days after you contact support for the first time:

    • Licensed products: two complimentary incidents
    • Suite products: four complimentary incidents
    • Master Collection: six complimentary incidents
    • Creative Cloud Members: All incidents are complimentary for active memberships.

Complementary incidents do not cover network installations. Network installations include silent installs, installer configuration, and deployment issues.


Free online support is available for Adobe's free software through the Help and Support Centers. Go to the Adobe Support home page and choose your product. You can also purchase support for £19 per incident by calling 0207 365 0735.


Adobe provides the following support for licenses that allow multiple users to access Adobe software simultaneously:

  • Unlimited standard installation incidents by phone or via a chat session (current versions only).

    Adobe defines installation as the process in which the product installation program is extracted to a single computer's hard drive and the setup program is run to completion. When you can successfully run the Adobe application, the installation is complete. For applicable server products, an installation is complete when you can view the administration page and connect to a web server. (Installation does not include network installations, silent installs to a network environment, database configuration, clustering, distributed set-up of servers, or any other similar set-up or activities.)

    Note: Complimentary installation support is not provided for LiveCycle products.
  • Basic Technical and "how-to" incidents are included for volume licensing Creative Cloud membership products.


Support for Adobe Connect is included with your subscription, through the customer support portal and by phone.


Complimentary support for Business Catalyst and InContext Editing is available via community collaboration. Visit the Business Catalyst forum or InContext Editing forum.


You can find answers to technical questions from Adobe and other community designers and developers on forums and wikis. The members of Adobe product and developer relations teams actively participate in the Wiki and the forums. See the Adobe Labs FAQ for more information.


Adobe offers a variety of support options for server products, software development kits, and products installed by third-party original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Complimentary support options include community collaboration and on-line tools that are available 24 hours a day and can be accessed by visiting the Adobe product support centers.

You can also purchase support for these product types. Adobe support programs are tailored to your needs, offering technical expertise at every level, multiple communication channels, and flexible program that deliver the best return on your investment. Learn more by visiting Adobe Support programs.