Registration FAQs

General Registration Questions

Why should I register my Adobe product?

There are several reasons why you want to register your product:

  • Protect your investment. You’ll always have access to your serial number in case something happens to your computer.
  • Access support. Get the support you need from customer service as well as technical and installation support for applicable products.
  • Stay connected to Adobe. Registration offers you a wide range of benefits such as notifications of product updates, newsletters, special offers and invitations to Adobe events and seminars.
  • Access new Adobe online services. Get complimentary access to CS Live online services. Register your CS5 product or sign up online with an Adobe ID before April 30, 2011, and get 12 months of complimentary access to Adobe® CS Live online services. Registering Photoshop Elements 8 software enables you to use Registering Acrobat X enables you to use services at
  • Receive a Complimentary Benefit. Many products are eligible for a complimentary benefit that can help you get the most from your software.
How does Adobe use my registration information?

Adobe uses registration information to:

  • Provide you with technical support and updates.
  • Make communications more relevant to you depending on the environment and role in which you use the product, should you choose to receive them.
  • Associate online services available in selected products with your Adobe ID (for example the new CS Live services and services at

    Adobe does not rent, sell, or lease customer information to third parties. Please see Adobe Online Privacy Policy.

I've already registered previous versions of my software. Do I need to register again once I upgrade or purchase new products?
Yes. To be eligible for technical support and any other product-specific benefits, you need to register each product version.
I purchased my Adobe software as a bundle or suite of products. Do I have to register each individual component?
Most product suites, such as the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection, are provided with one serial number and require only one registration. Product bundles and certain suite versions that include multiple serial numbers require each product to be registered separately.
How do I update my information after I've already registered?
You can update your profile information and your communication preferences on the Your Account page on You will need your Adobe ID (your e-mail address) and password to access your account information.
My company participates in Adobe's volume licensing program. Do I register my Adobe software?
Yes, if prompted to register your software, please do so. Licensing customers who register their software within the application may also be eligible for a complimentary registration benefit.
Is product registration related to product activation in any way?
No. Product registration assigns ownership of the serial number to you, while activation verifies the product is being installed and used the number of times allowed by the serial number. Product registration is strongly encouraged, but it is voluntary. Product activation is required and is performed automatically by the product itself.

Registering the Latest Product Versions That Use an Adobe ID Questions for example Acrobat X, CS5, Photoshop Elements 8, and Flash Builder 4

Why do I need to use an Adobe ID to register the latest versions of Adobe software?
Many products now include online services that require an Adobe ID. These services are automatically associated to your account at the time you register.
What is an Adobe ID? How do I get one?

An Adobe ID is a user account that gives you access to all Adobe-owned services and web domains such as,,, Adobe TV, Adobe online communities and the Adobe Online Store, among many others. An Adobe ID is identified by a username (your e-mail address) and a password.

An Adobe ID can be created by providing your e-mail address, a password of your choice, and some additional information such as your name and country of residence. If you do not have an Adobe ID already, you can create one right within your Adobe desktop software (when prompted to do so), or on the Your Account page at

I already have an Adobe ID. Do I need a new one when I register the new version of my Adobe software?
No, you can use your existing Adobe ID (that is, your e-mail address) and password.
How do I provide information so that I receive more relevant communications from Adobe?

By providing some basic information about the environment and role in which you use your products, it enables Adobe to select the information and resources that are more likely to be of interest to you.

You can specify basic profile information when prompted within the desktop software, or updating your Adobe ID profile directly on

Registering Prior Versions of Acrobat, Creative Suite, and Other Adobe Products Questions

How do I register prior versions of my Adobe software?

You can register prior versions of your Adobe software, either within the product or online at

  • To register within your product. After installing your software and launching it for the first time, a registration screen will prompt you to register. The process takes just a minute to complete and requires you to provide a few bits of information, after which the information will be sent to Adobe via the Internet. If you aren’t ready to register at that moment, you can choose to have the product remind you later or you can choose Help>Registration from the menu toolbar at any time.

  • To register your product online at Visit the product registration page within the customer service section of the site. You will be asked to provide the serial number of your product to complete the registration.

  • To register your free Adobe Reader. Visit the Reader online registration page on

What is the difference between registering within the product or online at

Registering within product is easier and faster. In addition, many desktop products include complimentary benefits that are only available when you register this way.

Complimentary Registration Benefit Questions

How do I claim my complimentary registration benefits?

For the latest versions product versions, you will be prompted within your product or in a confirmation e-mail to claim your registration benefit. These prompts include links that will take you to the Adobe ID Profile page on where you can optionally complete your profile and claim the registration benefit available for your product. Alternatively, the Adobe ID Profile Page can be accessed via the Your Account pageon or by selecting Help>Update Your Adobe ID Profile within your desktop software.

For complimentary benefits available in prior product versions, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you immediately after your registration. From this e-mail you can choose from the benefit options available for your product and immediately claim the benefit.

Do I need to complete my profile to get the complimentary benefit?

No. The complimentary registration benefit is available to you regardless of any profile information you provide. If you prefer to only claim your benefit on the profile page, simply scroll down and click on the ‘claim benefit’ link.

I already claimed my benefit, but lost the code or link that gives me access to it. How do I retrieve it?

To retrieve information on the benefit you selected, follow the same steps that you did to select and claim the benefit the first time. In the latest product versions, this will be to go to the Adobe ID profile page and click on the ‘claim benefit’ link again to retrieve the information about the benefit previously claimed.

For past product versions you will need go to the registration confirmation e-mail you received. From this e-mail, click on the benefit you selected before to see the code or link of your benefit. If you click on a different benefit from the one previously claimed, you would get an error message.

I registered my product, but haven't received information about how to claim my complimentary benefit. What can I do?

Registration benefits vary by products, versions and languages, so the product you registered may not be eligible for a registration benefit. This is one reason why you may not have received benefit information.

For prior product versions, the registration benefit information is in a confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail address. If you have not received such confirmation e-mail, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • You entered a different or incorrect an e-mail address when registering. Check the e-mail address you entered on the Adobe ID profile page on

  • The message was routed to the Junk-mail folder in your e-mail account. Check the Junk-mail folder in your e-mail account.

  • The message was quarantined by your company or ISP spam filter. Check with your systems operator to see if the message was blocked.

    If you can’t locate the confirmation e-mail, contact Adobe Customer Support in your region.

Which Adobe software products qualify for a complimentary registration benefit? What are the benefits?

All shrink-wrapped (boxed) including retail, upgrades, education and volume licenses qualify for complimentary benefits in the following products. The complimentary benefits vary by product and region and may not be available in all languages.

For a list of possible benefits, click on the link corresponding to the product family:

Do I get to select a complimentary benefit for every participating product I register?

Yes. If you purchase and register multiple products that offer additional benefits, you are eligible to receive multiple complimentary benefits. Purchasing a license for a suite of products, such as the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection qualifies you for one complimentary benefit only. There is a limit of one benefit per person per registered product.

Can I change my mind about the registration benefit I choose?

No. Once you have selected the benefit (for example, by clicking the ‘select’ button), the benefit selection cannot be changed.

Is there an expiration date on the registration benefit offer?

Complimentary benefit offers are valid until the next major release unless otherwise noted in the terms. Certain benefits may be available only while supplies last, and may be subject to additional terms and conditions required by Adobe, or the third party providing the benefit.

Online Registration at Common Errors and Solutions

What does error "That serial number is invalid. Please try again" mean?

A problem was detected with the serial number you entered. This may have occurred because you entered the serial number incorrectly or because the serial number was not generated by Adobe. Re-enter your serial number and try submitting it again. If you have verified that you entered the correct serial number, please contact Customer Service so we can research your issue. For more information on finding your serial number, click here.

What does error "This is a volume serial number. Volume licenses are not registered. Click here for more information" mean?

Volume license serial numbers are automatically registered in the name of the organization purchasing the licenses. You should however, register the software installed on your machine upon launching the application and seeing the registration screen.

What does error "This product cannot be registered. For a list of supported products click here" mean?

The serial number you entered is for a software version that is not accepted by our registration database. This error typically occurs because the product is for a version that Adobe no longer supports. You can find technical and support information on all Adobe products (including those no longer supported) in the User-to-User forums.

If you consider this to be an error or you still want to register your product, contact Customer Service so we can research your issue.

What does error "We encountered a problem processing your request. Please try again later or visit the product registration Frequently Asked Questions web page" mean?

We were unable to process your request due to a temporary problem on the Adobe network. If you are using Adobe software that supports in-product registration, you can register now by selecting Registration/Update Profile under the Help menu. Otherwise, please try again later and if the problem persists, contact Customer Service so we can research your issue.

What does error "Your serial number has already been registered. Products can only be registered once" mean?

We detected that the serial number for this product has already been registered. Serial numbers typically can only be registered one time; however, you can still send your information and opt-in for Adobe communications to stay connected and receive timely notifications on product upgrades, training and events. To provide your information thought the registration screen within your product, choose Help>Registration from the menu toolbar at any time.