Converting Photoshop text to After Effects text
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Convert the layers to text layers.

When you convert a rasterized layer to a text layer, After Effects uses fonts instead of the raster image, producing a smoother image. You can use the Convert to Editable Text command whenever you need to edit or animate the text. Select the layer you scaled, and then choose Layer > Convert to Editable Text. You’ll now notice the converted layer displays the T in the Timeline window, and the text in the Composition window appears without the pixelization. Convert the remaining text layers to editable text. (If your Photoshop file contained drop shadows, they’ll import as a separate layer—you can either convert the shadow layer or delete it and add the drop shadow in After Effects.)

Once the layers are converted to editable text, you can animate and edit the text as you would a text layer created in After Effects. You can also use the Create Outlines command (Layer > Create Outlines) to convert the text to outlines for use with path-based effects and as masks.

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