Adobe Ushers in a New Era of Cross-Channel Marketing

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Marketers Escape Outdated Email CPM Pricing; More Effectively Roll Out Cross-Channel Campaigns

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Nov. 12, 2013 — Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today unveiled a new pricing structure for Adobe Campaign, a key solution in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which will help marketers deliver better experiences to their customers across all channels. The new model is the first in the industry to be based on customer profiles versus CPM (cost per thousand emails sent), which is currently the primary cost driver for the email industry. 

With this approach, marketers can scale and unify their campaigns in a way that is not cost-prohibitive or tied to email CPM, and more importantly, aligns with how they communicate with each customer in a personalized way. By eliminating the email CPM, marketers can advance their capabilities and try new channels without worrying about execution costs, at a pace that works for them. Ultimately, this will enable them to more effectively roll out cross-channel campaigns with a single solution to support all of their needs.

“Marketers are being held back by CPM, a structure that places the email vendor, rather than the marketer and their customers, at the center of campaign operations,” said Suresh Vittal, vice president, strategy, Adobe Campaign, Adobe. “With this announcement, Adobe sets a new precedent in the industry and helps marketers to experiment and engage with their customers across all channels. This new pricing structure provides full transparency for marketers and ultimately a better, more relevant experience for the consumers that they reach.”

“Marketing’s mandate to inform likely customers about products and services has expanded significantly and demands a much more holistic approach. To successfully deliver a superior brand experience throughout the customer life cycle, marketers need to shift from telling via outbound messages to engaging via conversational marketing at the right time and place,” wrote Cory Munchbach, Forrester Research, Inc.

Adobe Campaign is a world-class, cross channel campaign management solution that enables marketers to harness the intelligence of an integrated customer profile to build meaningful relationships with their customers, deliver relevant offers and messages, and orchestrate great experiences – all in real-time, and through an open and flexible architecture. Only Adobe offers the most comprehensive set of solutions that ensures marketers have everything they need in one place, including analytics, social, advertising, targeting and Web experience management solutions. With the incorporation of Adobe Campaign into the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we are helping our customers achieve greater value from their marketing investments, bringing cross-channel campaign management capabilities to the industry’s most robust marketing solution, and providing brands with the complete digital marketing solution they have been looking for to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. 

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*Forrester Research, “Evaluate The Completeness Of Your Marketing Effort 2013,” by Cory Munchbach, October 25, 2013

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