After all the previous steps have been performed, the PDF file must be checked using the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Accessibility Checker. See the document “Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Accessibility Guide: Using the Accessibility Checker” for instructions on how to use the Accessibility Checker.

The Accessibility Checker tool can help to identify areas of a document that may be in conflict with Adobe’s interpretations of the accessibility guidelines referenced in the application and its documentation. However, these tools do not check documents against all accessibility criteria, including those in such referenced guidelines, and Adobe does not warrant that documents comply with any specific guidelines or regulations.

Additional Functional Validation Techniques

The Accessibility Checker can evaluate many of the technical requirements for accessibility. The best way to test the functional accessibility of a document is to use the document with the same tools that readers will use. It is recommended to review the document with assistive technologies including a screen reader. Even when a screen reader is not available, the following methods provided by Acrobat should be used to check the accessibility of a PDF file:


Use Reflow view to quickly check reading order:

  1. Activate the View > Zoom > Zoom Text menu.
  2. Enter 200 in the Zoom field.
  3. Activate the View > Zoom.
  4. Activate the Reflow option.
  5. Verify that all content appears in the correct order.
  6. Verify that all content is readable while zoomed.

Use the Read Out Loud to experience the document as it will be heard by readers who use this text-to-speech tool:

  1. Activate > View > Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out Loud
  2. Activate > View > Read Out Loud > Read this page only
  3. Verify that all page content is announced in the correct order.
  4. Repeat for each page.

Save the document as accessible text and then read the saved text file in a word-processing application to experience the document as it will be experienced by readers who may emboss the document in Braille.

  1. Activate File > Save as > Text Plain (.txt).
  2. Select the desired location.
  3. Activate the Save button.