Can I make my website content accessible?

Yes. Adobe® Contribute® 6.5 software provides a range of features to help make your website's content accessible and meet the design requirements set forth in Section 508. Web designers and administrators can specify accessibility settings that require content contributors to use CSS or supply image or table-heading descriptions. In addition, there are features built into the product — such as support for Microsoft operating system high-contrast screen settings, screen readers, and mouseless navigation options — that can help designers, developers, and content contributors deliver accessible web content easily.


What features in Contribute 6.5 can I use to create and update accessible web content today?

The following Contribute 6.5 features help you design for accessibility:Both third-party (for example, Freedom Scientific's JAWS for Windows or GW Micro's Window-Eyes) and operating system–based (for example, Microsoft Narrator) text-to-speech and screen readers can be used to read the Contribute 6.5 application and the web content it creates.Contribute 6.5 enables keyboard navigation of websites, application dialog boxes, and tables using keyboard keys, shortcuts, and menus.Contribute 6.5 comes with predesigned accessible templates that automatically prompt for accessibility information.

Accessibility settings, such as prompts that enforce text equivalents for images and identification of headers for tables, can be activated by web administrators or designers to require content contributors to create accessible content.Web administrators and designers can set customizable contributor role settings that require content contributors to create accessible content.

In addition to these built-in features of Contribute 6.5, Adobe provides support for designers and developers at the Adobe Accessibility Resource Center.


Who specifies accessibility features and settings?

Web administrators or designers can customize the Contribute 6.5 content update process for increased accessibility by defining a contributor's role and specifying particular accessibility settings. For example, a web administrator can specify that content contributors use accessible HTML or CSS web page templates. These templates can be created in Adobe Dreamweaver® CS6 software to be used in both Dreamweaver and Contribute. In addition, an administrator can specify specific accessibility features such as requiring image or table description information when such items are added to a website. The result is that content contributors are prompted for accessibility information as they update content, helping to ensure that the website is as accessible as possible.


Will Contribute 6.5 work with all screen readers and other assistive technologies?

Contribute 6.5 is supported by JAWS from Freedom Scientific and Window-Eyes from GW Micro. Other assistive technologies may provide some support for disabled users.


Is Contribute 6.5 Section 508 compliant?

Yes. Adobe is committed to enabling our customers to comply with Section 508 in their sites by helping them to meet the Section 508 standards. In addition, Adobe is continually working to exceed the requirements of Section 508 by making Contribute 6.5 the tool of choice for designers and content contributors with disabilities. For information on our compliance with industry accessibility standards for authoring tools, consult the Adobe Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).


Is there a tool that validates Contribute 6.5 content automatically?

Contribute 6.5 does not include a built-in content accessibility validation tool. However, there are a number of third party web accessibility evaluation tools. The W3C Web Accessibility initiative provides a comprehensive list of these tools at


Can everything I do with Contribute 6.5 be made accessible by following design techniques?

As a content contributor, you can both accomplish your business objectives and design for accessibility to meet Section 508 requirements. Contribute 6.5 offers integrated tools that provide templates and automatic prompts to help ensure the information on your website is as accessible as possible. While a wide range of design possibilities can be made to comply with the Section 508 guidelines using these tools, in some rare cases, Contribute 6.5 content may not be accessible, and other accessibility strategies and techniques should be employed (for example, developing alternate content or developing an alternate text-based page).