Adobe Animate CC software helps to accelerate accessible application development with a core set of user interface components. These components can automate many of the most common accessibility practices related to labeling, keyboard access, and testing and help to ensure a consistent user experience across rich applications created with Animate CC. The set of accessible components available with Animate CC includes:

  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • Label
  • TextInput
  • TextArea
  • ComboBox
  • ListBox
  • DataGrid
  • Window
  • Alert

For each ActionScript® 3.0 component, the designer or developer need only enable the accessibility object by using the command enableAccessibility(). This includes the accessibility object with the component as the movie is compiled. Because there is no simple means of removing an object once it has been added to the component, these options are turned off by default. It is therefore very important that the designer or developer enable accessibility for each component. This step needs to be done only once for each component; it is not necessary to enable accessibility for each instance of a component. Here is the sample code added for the checkbox component:

import fl.accessibility.CheckBoxAccImpl;


It is best to attach this script to the first frame in the movie.