Adobe Animate CC software provides industry-leading support for accessible video. Providing captions for video solves accessibility challenges for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, but people who are blind or who have low vision or other physical disabilities need the video playback controls to be keyboard accessible and to function properly with assistive technologies such as screen readers and screen magnifiers. Animate CC offers improvements to the FLVPlayback video component that make the default player controls accessible automatically, without any coding required by the developer.


Simple Implementation
All skins provided by Animate CC support keyboard and screen reader access, so developers simply insert the FLVPlayback component on the stage — no configuration is needed.

Accessible interaction
Users who rely on keyboard access can utilize a variety of familiar shortcuts to interact with the video controls. Buttons such as Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind, Mute, and Closed Captions can be tabbed to and activated with the spacebar key. Slider controls such as the volume and playhead position controls can be accessed via the arrow keys, and the Home and End keys can be used to go directly to the beginning or end of the range. The volume slider also accepts numeric keys to set the playback audio levels in one quick step.

Users who use screen readers will find appropriate names for the video player controls that ensure that each control's purpose is clear. Some controls require that the screen reader is in form interaction mode (which is Forms mode in JAWS or Browse Off mode in Window-Eyes) because screen readers often utilize arrow keys and other shortcuts for other purposes. For example, many screen readers use right and left arrow keys to read individual letters in text and control labels, so these keys are not available outside of form interaction mode, as expected by users.