The tagged PDF feature creates Adobe PDF files from FrameMaker with logical document structure and extensive metadata for repurposing content. Logical structure refers to the organization of the document, such as the title page, chapters, sections, and subsections.

About Tagged PDF


Tagged Adobe PDF provides the following capabilities:


  • Ensures that information is in the correct reading order on a page.
  • Includes paragraph attributes used to correctly reflow the document contents into different-sized devices, such as eBook reading devices.
  • Ensures the reliable translation of text into Unicode. This approach recognizes ligatures and hyphens, so that a Windows screen reader can correctly read all characters and words.
  • Recognizes alternative text descriptions for graphics in anchored frames.
  • Enables the document to be exported more reliably to Rich Text Format (RTF) and XML from Acrobat 7.0 for reuse in other documents.


Tagged Adobe PDF files include author content, such as pages, articles, paragraphs, tables, and graphics in anchored frames. Tagged PDF files do not include the following information found in standard PDF files:


  • Comments, such as online notes, graphic markups, and text markups.
  • Pagination artifacts, including all content that comes from master pages (such as page numbers and running headers), and any graphic objects outside anchored frames.
  • Layout and typographic artifacts, such as colored bars between columns of text, horizontal lines separating footnotes from text, and table borders.
  • Printing artifacts, such as crop marks, registration marks, and page information printed outside the crop marks.


With the Accessibility preferences enabled, you will be prompted to provide relevant accessibility information. As you add each text box, you'll be asked to provide a label, the tab index, and an access key. All of this information makes the form significantly easier to navigate for people with disabilities. In the following example, you'll see how to create a simple training registration form.


Generating a Tagged PDF File in FrameMaker


The Generate Tagged PDF option works only if you’re using Acrobat Distiller 5.05 or later.

  1. In the PDF Setup dialog box, choose Tags from the pop-up menu, or click the Tags tab.
  2. Make sure that Generate Tagged PDF is selected.
  3. Set up the paragraph structure level by doing the following:
    • To change structure levels for the included paragraphs, select a paragraph tag and click a Logical Structure Level arrow. To change the level of all items by one level, Shift-click a Logical Structure Level arrow. If the indent for a tag exceeds six levels, n> precedes the paragraph tag, where n is the indentation level of the paragraph tag.
    • To indicate the paragraphs to include in the PDF structure, move paragraph tags between scroll lists. The paragraphs in the Include Paragraphs scroll list are used to define the structural relationship between FrameMaker paragraph tags in the PDF file. To move a tag between scroll lists, select the tag and click an arrow or double-click the tag.
  4. Click Set.
PDF Setup