Can I author accessible presentations using Adobe Presenter 10?

Yes. You do so by beginning with an accessible Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. When you publish your presentation, accessibility is enabled by default. As long as the PowerPoint presentation itself is accessible, there are no extra steps required to enable the accessibility of your Adobe Presenter 10 presentation. See Build an Accessible Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation for information on adding accessibility to PowerPoint presentations.


Do Adobe Presenter 10 presentations work with assistive technology?

Yes. Adobe Presenter 10 leverages the accessibility of the Adobe Flash Player. With integrated support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), the Adobe Flash Player makes content available via screen access technologies such as JAWS from Freedom Scientific, NVDA, and Window-Eyes from GW Micro. This ensures that text, text equivalents specified in PowerPoint and accessible objects embedded within an Adobe Presenter presentation are exposed to assistive technologies.It should be noted that while Adobe Presenter 10 now supports publishing content in HTML5 format in addition to SWF format, no support has been added to make the HTML5 output on mobile/desktop accessible.


Can I navigate an Adobe Presenter 10 presentation using the keyboard?

Yes. Adobe Presenter 10 presentations include a number of keystrokes to help navigate the presentation. These keys allow all users the ability to control the presentation without relying on the use of the mouse.Page Up – Next SlidePage Down – Previous SlideP – Play/PauseS – StopM – MuteV- Change ViewIf you are using JAWS for Windows, you should turn off the Quick Keys mode by pressing Ins + N in order to use the Adobe Presenter 10 solutions keyboard shortcuts.