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Collect secure signatures with identity authentication.

Acrobat Sign brings higher levels of security and multifactor identity authentication for e-signatures so you can do business confidently, securely, and efficiently.

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Security is the top priority.

The only thing that’s more important than getting your documents signed is being sure they’re signed securely — and by the right person. Acrobat Sign delivers the peace of mind you need with a secure authentication process that ensures your agreements are safely accessed and signed only by the person they’re intended for.

Multiple methods to ensure security.

Sometimes you have a document that needs a higher level of confidence in signer or user authentication. In that use case, Acrobat Sign has you covered, offering multiple methods of advanced authentication including SMS, knowledge-based (KBA), and government ID.

Flexibility to choose the level of security you need.

With Acrobat Sign, you can combine multiple authentication factors on a single document to verify any user’s identity — so you know your document is as secure as you want it to be. You can opt for low-level password protection for everyday agreements like NDAs, choose higher level methods for things like financial agreements, or use a combination of methods — while staying compliant.

Enhanced, ID-based authentication.

For the highest level of signer identity verification, Acrobat Sign offers new, more secure authentication methods that leverage government-issued IDs such as a driver’s license or passport. You can even opt to require a signer to take a selfie, which is then compared to the signer’s photo ID. It’s a sophisticated authentication system delivered through a fully digital user experience.


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Full of features.

Acrobat Sign is packed with smart features that make incorporating e-signatures into your daily processes a snap — and a no-brainer.

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E-signatures in Acrobat Sign are 100% legally valid, enforceable, and compliant with stringent global regulations.

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Completely secure.

Acrobat Sign is relied upon around the world, as it complies with the strictest security standards to ensure all your documents, data, and signatures are safe.