How to compress PDFs on your Chromebook.

Save space on your Chromebook and make your PDFs easier to use and share by compressing them with this simple online tool.

Chromebooks are lightweight, powerful laptops frequently used by students. But since these computers often have limited hard-drive space, it’s a good idea for Chromebook users to compress large PDF files to save laptop storage space and make their PDFs easier to share.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use two simple methods to easily compress your PDFs. You can maximize the storage space on your Chromebook by using the Adobe Acrobat online PDF compressor.

Compress PDF files on a Chromebook.

  1. Open your Chrome browser and navigate to the Acrobat online PDF compressor.
  2. Click Select a File and locate your PDF, or simply drag and drop it into the Compress PDF field.
  3. Click Download once the process is finished to get your newly compressed PDF. You can also see how much the tool shaved off the file size.

Use a PDF compressor app.

The Acrobat online PDF compressor is just one way for you to edit your PDF files. If your Chromebook supports Android apps, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android from Google Play. With this app, you can compress your PDF files directly on your Chromebook.

  1. Launch the Acrobat Reader app.
  2. Select Files on the bottom menu and open your PDF.
  3. Select the three dots icon in the top bar menu.
  4. Scroll down and select Compress PDF.

Start saving precious hard-drive space and explore what more you can do with the Acrobat online PDF compressor.