Draw on PDFs on an Android device.

A user draws on a PDF with an Android phone.

Sometimes you need to make edits to a PDF on the go. So it’s good to know you can easily draw freehand on your Android device to add visual elements to your editing process.

When you review PDFs, the drawing features in Adobe Acrobat online services can be useful for many reasons. For example, you can draw an arrow directly on a PDF to indicate where a text passage needs to be moved. You can also circle pictures or text to highlight specific queries or draw lines to indicate changes to the text flow of the document.

Benefits of drawing on your PDFs with Android devices.

Trying to explain complex PDF markups and edits with words alone can be difficult. With the ability to draw directly on PDFs, you can make your feedback more clear and save yourself and others time. With the Acrobat online edit PDF tool, you can draw freehand directly on the PDF, highlight, underline, and strike through text, add sticky notes, and leave comments. No matter what PDF project you’re marking up or why, you’ll have the tools you need.

How to draw on PDFs on an Android.

To draw on PDFs on your Android device, follow these straightforward steps.

  1. Use any web browser to navigate to the online PDF editor on Acrobat online services.
  2. Upload your PDF by clicking the blue button labeled “Select a file.” You can pull in files from your personal cloud, internal device storage, or even your Google Drive.
  3. To start drawing on your file, sign in to your Adobe, Google, or Apple account.
  4. To draw on your PDF on Android, select the pencil icon in the toolbar. Choose from a variety of colors and shades for your markups — you can even determine the thickness of the pencil marks.
  5. Use the other tools in the toolbar to highlight, underline and strike through text, leave comments, and add sticky notes.

When you’re finished working on your PDF, share it with others by downloading your edited PDF file or copying a link that enables collaborators to view your edits online. They can search the PDF for important information and leave their own feedback.

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