Easily mark up a PDF on a PC.

A woman marks up a PDF file using a PC laptop.

Turn to Adobe Acrobat online services when you need to annotate a PDF with changes, comments, and clarifications.

When you’re working on a project and a file has been sent for your review, you can annotate directly on the PDF using the editing capabilities of Adobe Acrobat online services. Learn how to post your comments or add markup text to make your intentions clear.

You don’t need an app or special software to use this service. You can access Acrobat online for free using a PC or any other device. The Edit PDF tool lets you add comments, highlight text, underline text, strike through text, type or draw directly on the PDF, add shapes, add a signature, and more. Follow the instructions here to get started.

How to annotate a PDF.

Sign in to Adobe.

2. Annotate your PDF on your PC.

3. Annotate in different color options on your PC.

4. Download your annotated PDF to your PC.

How you can use your PC to annotate PDFs.

The various tools available in Acrobat online make it possible for you to provide feedback quickly and efficiently, which means that you can keep the work moving. Annotating a PDF can be more convenient than typing out feedback while describing visual or text elements. For example, you can highlight specific text to make it clear where your comment applies, circle visual elements, or simply add check marks to show that you’ve seen certain items.

The edits you make also can be saved to appear in a final draft. Even when you’re working on a PC, your team can view and continue the workflow using any device.

Explore what more you can do with Acrobat online services to make editing, annotating, and sharing a breeze.