How to read PDFs on an iPhone.

A woman near a window reads a PDF file on an iPhone.

Read your PDF files wherever you are. Learn how to open and read PDF documents directly on your iPhone.

With remote work and study increasingly common, sometimes you have to open and read PDFs on the go from a mobile device such as your iPhone. However, iPhones have limited support for PDF files straight out of the box. What to do? Use the versatile tools found with Adobe Acrobat Reader to easily open and read your PDFs. You can also compress PDFs or convert PDFs to other formats with Adobe Acrobat online services. It all works on your iPhone’s web browser.

Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to read PDFs on your iPhone.

Read any PDF file on an iPhone.

  1. Install the Acrobat Reader app from the App Store. Launch the app.
  2. On the bottom menu bar, select Files.
  3. Locate the file on your iPhone and select it.
  4. You can now scroll through and read your PDF.

Reading PDF files gets even easier as you use the app because it knows where your files are located. That means you can use Reader to open them right on your Home screen.

How to add a PDF to iBooks on iPhone.

There are four different ways to add books to your iPhone.

Method 1 — Use Safari.

  1. Select a link to open the PDF. PDFs will automatically open in the Safari app unless indicated otherwise. Choosing a link to a PDF will show it in the browser.
  2. Zoom in and out to easily view portions of your PDF.
  3. Press and hold to highlight and copy text.
  4. You can also move from Safari to iBooks or another app.
    • Select the PDF you are using in Safari. Then, select the Open in iBooks button as it appears.
    • If you wish to use a different reader, choose the Open In button and select the app of your choice.

Method 2 — Email attachments.

  1. Choose the attachment from the email. From there, the PDF will open in the Mail app’s PDF viewer.
  2. Zoom in and out to easily read the PDF.
  3. Press and hold to highlight and identify the text you want copied.
  4. Save your PDF to iBooks or another app of your choice.

Method 3 — Transfer from a computer.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Open the Books section of the iTunes library.
  3. Select the My PDFs tab.
  4. Drag the PDF files from your computer into the iTunes window.
  5. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB.
  6. Highlight the PDFs you want to copy to your iPhone in the My PDFs section.
  7. Drag the selected PDF files.
  8. Release the PDFs over your iPhone on the left side.
  9. Eject your phone after the PDFs have been copied.
  10. Find your PDFs in iBooks.

Method 4 — Use iBooks.

  1. Add PDFs to iBooks by enabling iCloud for iBooks or downloading them from emails, websites, or your computer.
  2. Select a PDF in your iBooks library.

How to read PDFs aloud on an iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings, then tap the Accessibility tab.
  2. Choose Spoken Content, then turn on the Speak Selection Switch.
  3. Go to your PDF reader and open the PDF.
  4. Highlight the text you would like to be read aloud and press Speak.

Up your PDF game directly on your iPhone.

After you’ve read your PDF, you may want to continue working on it. With Acrobat Reader, you can easily get more out of your PDF files. Add text comments, fill and sign forms, add bookmarks, and much more. Once you’re done, you can also share your PDFs straight from your iPhone.