How to add page numbers to Word documents.

Make sure the pages of your important Word documents stay organized by automatically adding page numbers.

Page numbers help keep important documents organized and serve as quick indicators to find a lost digital or printed page. Luckily, Word's automated page numbering function offers a fast way to add page numbers. Read on to learn how to number pages in Word.

Add page numbers with a few clicks.

It’s easy to number pages in Word documents. Simply follow the four steps below:

  1. Launch Word and open your document.
  2. Select the Insert tab from the top toolbar.
  3. Select Page Number in the Header & Footer section.
  4. Select a numbering style from the drop-down menus.

Word will add a page number to the document's first page by default. If you’d like to remove it, double-click on the page number to bring up the numbering settings and select Different First Page.

If the numbering also needs to start from 1 on the second page, select Insert > Page Number > Format Page Numbers, and set the Start At value to 0.

Share your finished document.

After adding page numbers, you’re ready to share your Word document. But Word files are editable by default, which can make them less than ideal for sharing important or sensitive documents. You can better secure your documents if you convert them to PDF files.

PDF is a publishing-ready format, which means no one can easily make accidental changes — like removing page numbers. With Adobe Acrobat, you can also secure your files with passwords to ensure your page numbers and all other information stay untouched.

Discover what more you can do with Acrobat to convert, protect, and share PDF files.