How to combine PNG files into one.

It’s easier to handle one file than multiple. Learn how to combine PNG files into one to simplify storage and sending capabilities.

Like many people, you probably have folders and folders of images crammed into your device’s storage. If you want to make all those pictures easier to store and share, here’s how to combine all those PNG images (memes and all) into one manageable file.

Convert the files to PDF.

The first step to combine PNG files into one is to convert the files into something a little more merge-friendly like a PDF. It’s easy to use an online converter, such as the one found in Adobe Acrobat online services, to convert your PNG images to PDFs. Simply follow the four steps below:

  1. Open Acrobat online services from any web browser.
  2. Upload the PNG files you want to convert.
  3. Let the software do its magic.
  4. Download your newly converted PDF files.

Repeat the process for as many PNG images you want to eventually merge into one.

Combine the files into one.

Once you convert your various images, you can merge the PDFs into one file. Just like the conversion, merging files is easy using an online PDF editor:

  1. Upload the PDF files you want to merge.
  2. Order the files as needed.
  3. Click Merge files.
  4. Download the merged PDF.

Instead of multiple files like you had before, you’ll now have one, easy-to-manage PDF containing all your original PNG images. Just scroll through the pages to see all your wonderful pictures.

You can combine up to 100 PNG files into one using this method. Instead of sending hundreds of images in dozens of emails, you can send one merged file that’s easy to read and save.

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