Create a successful household family budget.

Tired of fighting over money with your family? Learn how to make a family budget that can help remove stress from your finances.

A big part of your family life is managing your finances together. A home budget can defuse arguments about money and bring stability to your family life. Read on to learn some helpful tips on how to create a working household budget.

Make the budget digital.

Since both adults and kids use smartphones today, a digital budget will always be with them wherever they go. Draft your budget on a spreadsheet and convert it to a PDF that family members can open on any device.

Involve the entire family.

Because this is a family budget, you should hear out every family member when making it. Set aside some time to gather your entire family around a table for a budgeting session.

Tally up steady income.

List all paychecks, child support payments, and all other reliable income. Don’t account for inconsistent income sources, like side jobs or hobbies. They’re a nice bonus, but don’t rely on them for your everyday home budget.

Calculate fixed expenses.

Add up everything you know you must pay each month. These essentials include food, rent, transportation, utilities, and debt and insurance payments. They make up the most important part of your budget.

Add in other expenses.

If there’s money left over, add in things like entertainment, shopping, and eating out. Don’t be afraid to revise your budget if things get tight. When it’s time for cuts, start in this category.

Track your spending.

It’s critical that you keep tabs on the money your family spends. After all, your home budget will be useless unless everyone sticks to it. This is where a family budget PDF comes in handy.

You can convert your spreadsheet to a PDF online or with Adobe Acrobat DC, which also lets you share your PDF with your family members, add comments, and view the file on any computer or smartphone.

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