Google Sheets vs. Microsoft Excel: pros and cons.

Find the pros and cons of Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel and see which application is better for you.

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are both popular spreadsheet applications. Both perform the same core functions and work equally well for basic editing. But which one comes out on top with a closer look?

Read on to learn who wins in the battle of Google Sheets versus Excel.

Google Sheets is better for collaboration.

A big advantage of Google Sheets is that it’s a free browser-based application. It works on any computer and most mobile devices without issues. Sheets is also better for collaboration. It’s easy for multiple people to work on the same document and use Sheets’ chat feature to communicate.

Unfortunately, Sheets starts struggling the more data you add to it. Large spreadsheets can be very slow to load and edit. Sheets also lacks some advanced features, like macros and graph tools.

Microsoft Excel has advanced features.

Microsoft Excel has many functionalities you can’t find in Sheets, like complex macros and data visualization. Excel is a better option for power users. Also, it doesn’t suffer from the performance issues that Sheets encounters.

But as a 35-year-old application, Excel can be complicated to operate and troubleshoot. You also can’t access files from other computers, making online collaboration difficult. Finally, you need to pay for Excel.

Share your spreadsheets as PDFs.

In short, Sheets shines in collaboration while Excel is better for independent power users. But whichever application you use, sharing your spreadsheets can be challenging. Excel files require the actual application, while Sheets needs an active internet connection.

Converting your spreadsheets to PDFs can resolve this issue. PDF files work on any device and don’t depend on an internet connection once you’ve saved them.

A PDF converter, like Adobe Acrobat online services, makes converting spreadsheets easy. Simply drop your spreadsheet into the converter and download the finished document. You’re then ready to share it — no matter which application you used to create it.