Convert a PDF to a photo: a simple how-to guide.

Turn your PDFs into photos for easy picture editing and use. Follow this tutorial to learn how to convert a PDF into a photo file.

As a photographer or a graphic designer, you may sometimes wish the PDF file you’re working with was a photo. Maybe you received a picture file as a PDF, or you need to separate an illustration from a PDF document. In any case, it’s easy to convert your PDF to a photo file with an online tool.

How to convert a PDF to a photo.

Adobe Acrobat online services can quickly convert your PDF file into several different image formats. The conversion process is simple and can be done with any web browser — even on a mobile device.

  1. Open your favorite web browser and navigate to the Adobe Acrobat online.
  2. Upload your PDF file. You can either drag and drop it to the file selection frame or choose Select A File and locate the PDF in the file browser.
  3. After your PDF has been uploaded, select a file format for your photo. Acrobat online supports PDFs to JPG, PNG, and TIFF files.
  4. Finally, select Convert To JPG.

Once the conversion is ready, you will be prompted to download your new photo file.

Convert into multiple file formats.

Acrobat online can do more than just convert PDFs to photos. It supports many different file formats that will help you get the most out of your PDFs.

Discover everything you can do with Acrobat online services to convert your PDFs and more.