It’s easy to annotate a PDF on a Mac.

Easily mark up edits on a PDF online to make a project go more smoothly, giving clear direction to teammates who work with you.

Annotate markups directly in your PDFs, and speed approval processes on complicated projects. For a project with many collaborators, you need to make sure the review process flows smoothly. To accomplish this, mark up any changes with Adobe Acrobat online services.

Take these steps to annotate a PDF on a Mac.

No matter how long your document, it’s a breeze to mark it up on your Mac with this process.

To begin, click Select A File and then navigate to the document’s location, whether it’s on your computer or a cloud-based service. You can also drag and drop your file to the drop zone. Choose the PDF and then sign in to Acrobat online from any web browser to begin annotating.

You can use the editing tools to:

When you’ve finished your edits, you can download the file, or share it with others via email or a link by using the Share dropdown menu.

Your project is now ready for the next phase, and you and your team are that much closer to completion. Take a moment to explore what else is available in Acrobat online services.