How to crop a PDF file on an iPhone.

Discover how to crop any PDF document on your iPhone to easily share it.

You have to crop a PDF document but you’re out with only your iPhone in your pocket. Are you simply out of luck? Don’t fret — with the right tools, you can use your phone to crop any PDF file.

Read on to learn how to crop a PDF document on an iPhone.

Crop your PDF files online.

Perhaps the quickest way to crop PDF files on an iPhone is to use an online PDF cropping tool. These tools are generally simple to use and don’t require you to install any apps. Just use your iPhone’s web browser to load up the tool and follow the instructions.

However, some web-based PDF croppers are designed for computers and won’t support mobile browsers. You may have to try a few different tools before you find one that works on an iPhone.

Use a mobile PDF editing app.

If you can’t find an online tool that works, the App Store on your iPhone has many PDF editing applications you can download and install. Some of them have cropping features that work even without an internet connection, saving you precious data.

The downside with these apps is that many of them require you to purchase a paid version to unlock editing features, like cropping. But if you do a lot of work on the move, a good mobile PDF editing app can be a smart investment.

Crop PDF documents in advance on a computer.

Should all else fail, you can always crop PDF files on your computer with full-fledged PDF editing software. That won’t help you while you’re out, but you can definitely complete the task this way. If you’re anticipating that you’ll have to share PDF files on the move, consider cropping them in advance and transferring that version of the document to your iPhone.

With these tips, you’re ready to trim your PDF files down to size — wherever you might be.