Conveniently delete PDF pages on an iPhone.

You can remove as many pages as you like from a PDF, no matter where you are, with Adobe Acrobat online services.

Say you’re away from your desk and a work colleague needs you to quickly delete a section from a report in a PDF. With Adobe Acrobat online, you can easily access that PDF on your iPhone and quickly delete those pages — from anywhere in just minutes

How to delete PDF pages on an iPhone.

To start, navigate to Acrobat’s page for deleting PDFsand tap Select A File to choose your PDF file. After the file uploads, sign in to a service such as Adobe, Apple, or Google. Now you’ll see thumbnails of every page in the PDF. Simply tap on a thumbnail and then tap the trashcan icon to delete that page. Alternately, if you want to delete many pages at once, you can tap each one and its checkmark box. When you’ve chosen all the pages to delete, tap the trashcan icon in the top toolbar.

Next, tap Save and rename the file. You can download the file or to share it with others via a link or email.

Your PDF is now updated and ready for your colleagues. You can do even more with PDFs on an iPhone, so take a moment to explore other easy-to-use tools from Acrobat online services.