Easily export a LinkedIn profile to a PDF.

If you want an offline version of your LinkedIn profile, it’s easy to make it into a PDF for sharing or storing.

You may want to share your LinkedIn profile with a colleague in a clean format. Or maybe you’d like to present it as your resume to a prospective employer. You may even need a copy of your profile in its present state before you make changes to it. Good news: You can export your LinkedIn profile to a PDF in just a few steps.

Here’s how to export a LinkedIn profile to a PDF.

From your home page on LinkedIn, go to the Me dropdown menu and choose View Profile. Below your profile photo and cover photo area, click the More button. Choose Save To PDF, and LinkedIn creates the PDF for you. Save it to whatever location you want.

If instead you need this document to be in Microsoft Word or Excel format, you can use Adobe Acrobat Export PDF to create as many files as you need. This tool can also convert your PDF to an RTF file or take scanned documents and convert them to PDFs.

With your LinkedIn profile exported to a PDF, you have many sharing and archiving options. If you choose to keep it as a PDF, you can also edit it, combine it with other LinkedIn profile PDFs, or even password protect it. Take a moment to explore what else you can do using Acrobat.