How to organize a to do list.

With so much to do and so little time, keeping an organized to do list is one key to getting it all done.

For moms on the go, working professionals, or busy students, life can be chaotic. It’s tough to manage chores, responsibilities, and reminders. But with the right to do list, you can streamline your day and make life a little easier for yourself.

So grab your planner app, your calendar, or your notebook and check out these tips on how to organize a to do list like an expert.

Prioritize your list.

Whether you’re keeping a list for today’s tasks or the month ahead, start by writing down everything you have to do. Then think about which tasks are the most important, the most urgent, or the most time-consuming — and order your list accordingly. The best way to organize a to do list is in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Keep your list handy at all times.

As your day progresses, cross off each task as you complete it. If you don’t cross everything off by the end of the day, move it to tomorrow’s list. Or if you don’t finish everything on this month’s list, put it on next month’s. And no matter what, always keep your list handy. Whether you use an Excel spreadsheet or a paper list, make sure your list is at the ready and always updated.

Don’t be afraid to rearrange your list as needed and make adjustments, because life can get a little hectic sometimes — no matter how you organize your to do list.

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