How to present a PDF document.

Easily include PDF documents in presentations. Learn how to present PDF files and convert them into slideshows.

You may have to share information from a PDF document when you’re getting ready to give a presentation at work or school. But what’s the best way to display a PDF if you want to keep your audience interested? Read on to learn two ways to give an engaging and eye-catching PDF presentation.

Share your PDF reader window.

The easiest way to include a PDF file into your presentation is simply by using your current PDF reader. Most video call applications let you share your screen and display the PDF to others. If you’re at an in-person meeting, you can also project the PDF reader onto a screen.

Although letting others see your PDF reader may be easy, it isn’t always the most optimal way to give a presentation. It can be slow to scroll through the pages of the PDF file, plus depending on the orientation, you may also not be able to display an entire page while keeping text at a legible size.

Convert your PDF file into a slideshow.

A better option is to convert your PDF file into an actual presentation slideshow. With Adobe Acrobat online services, it’s fast and easy to convert PDFs into PowerPoint presentations. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Navigate to Acrobat online services and launch the Convert PDF to PowerPoint tool.
  2. Drag and drop your PDF file into the converter or click Select A File to locate it.
  3. Download your presentation once the converter has finished.

You can now open the slideshow as you would any ordinary PowerPoint presentation. And as an added bonus, you can edit the text, images, and formatting directly in PowerPoint.

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