How to save certain pages of a PDF file.

Want to pick and choose which pages to keep and which to lose? Learn how to save just certain pages of a PDF file.

Some documents just get too long. If you have a multi-page PDF and want to keep only a few specific pages, saving certain pages is a great way to reduce file clutter while keeping only the essential information.

Use Print to PDF.

One way to save just certain pages of a PDF file is to use Print settings.

In your PDF editor, go to File > Print — as if you were going to send the document to a printer.

Then, instead of choosing a printer, select Print to PDF (or similar option). The document will save to your device as a PDF.

In the printer settings, choose the page range you want to save and click Print. Your computer will save only the pages you choose as a PDF, effectively removing the information you don’t want.

Extract PDF pages.

You can extract specific pages from a finished PDF by using an online PDF editor like Acrobat Adobe online services.

To extract PDF pages online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Acrobat online services website.
  2. Upload the PDF you want to extract pages from.
  3. Select the pages you want to extract into a new PDF file.
  4. Press Extract.
  5. Download the new PDF file.

The new PDF will contain only the pages you selected. Just rename the file, and you have a nifty PDF without all that extra information you don’t need.

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