How to make a family planner.

Learn how to create a sharable family calendar to help keep everyone on track.

Family calendars can fill up quickly between classes, recitals, birthday parties, and more. It can be tough to juggle everyone’s schedule, but taking the time to create a calendar that works for your family can make all the difference in your time management. Let’s dive into how you can easily create and share one.

Create a family calendar in 3 easy steps.

For some families, especially those with younger children, creating a simple family calendar wall might be all it takes to keep everyone on track. But suppose you have busy teenagers with more complex or ever-changing schedules. In that case, it may be more beneficial to create a digital family calendar that’s easily sharable and viewable on the go. Here’s how:

  1. Create. To start, search online for an editable calendar template. Each family member can then download a calendar and fill in their own schedule — i.e., one for mom, one for each child, and so on. Save each calendar as a PDF.
  2. Merge. Once every family member completes their schedule, you can merge the PDFs into one easily accessible file. That way, everyone can see each other’s schedules without cluttering their own.
  3. Share. Email the merged file to your family members, so each person can have a copy on their phone or computer and refer to it when something comes up. For example, if a child has a play on Saturday night, everyone in the household knows not to commit to another event.

With a digital, sharable document, it becomes easy to refer to anyone’s schedule at a moment’s notice, especially on days when it seems like everyone is heading out the door in different directions. Simply repeat the process at the start of a new month to help keep your family on the same page.

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