How to merge PDF files on a Mac.

Learn how to combine multiple PDF files into one convenient document in just a few simple steps.

The Portable Document Format, or PDF, is one of the best document types available that makes viewing and sharing information more accessible. Because of this, it’s in use nearly everywhere — from small businesses and large corporations to schools, hospitals, and even at home. If you ever feel like you have too many documents floating around, simply consolidate your PDFs into one to achieve a more organized virtual space.

Combine multiple PDF files in a few steps.

The fastest and easiest way to merge PDF files is to use an online tool. Simply drag and drop your files, then organize or reorder the files as needed. You can also merge PDF files on a Mac using the Preview app. Here’s how:

  1. Open PDF in Preview. This is the default viewer for iOS. If yours does not automatically open with this app, right-click on the PDF file, then select Open With > Preview.
  2. Enable Thumbnails sidebar. If no sidebar appears on the left-hand side of your document, then select View > Thumbnails or press Option + Command + 2 to enable it.
  3. Indicate where to insert a secondary PDF file. Within the Thumbnails sidebar, select the page where you want to insert another PDF document.
  4. Insert file to merge. On the toolbar, select Edit > Insert > Page from file. From the dialog box, select your file. The secondary PDF will now merge with the first.
  5. Save the merged document. Select File, then Export as PDF. In the dialog box, rename the new document and press Save.

Depending on the number of PDF documents you want to merge, this may result in quite a large file size. Before you send it, be sure to compress your file to make sure it’s easily shareable with others.

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