How to rearrange PDF pages on your iPhone.

Conveniently reorder the pages in a PDF from wherever you are, for any type of project.

Perhaps you have a large school research project that needs reorganizing a few pages in one section of the PDF that would make more sense somewhere else. Maybe you even have a PDF of recipes that has a poultry dish in the seafood section. With Acrobat online services on your iPhone, you can easily move any pages you want within your document — whether you’re at home or on the go.

How to rearrange PDF pages on an iPhone.

To begin, from any web browser go to the rearranging PDFs page. Tap on Select A File to navigate to the PDF, whether it’s on your device or online. After the file uploads, sign in to Adobe, Apple, or Google. You can now select and drag the thumbnail of any page to a new location. When you’re finished, save the file with a new name and then share it using a link or email.

With this tool, you can also:

With your revamped PDF, your project now looks just the way you need it to.

Other PDFs could require different modifications. You may want to split, annotate, or password protect a PDF. Or you may need to convert it to another file type, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Take a moment to explore all the PDF possibilities that Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat online services have to offer.