How to scan, upload, and share recipes online.

Move from the recipe box to the recipe folder with these easy online PDF tips.

With so many recipe sources, from blog pages and recipe apps to family recipes and cookbooks, it can feel near impossible to wrap your arms around your favorites. However, with a little bit of strategy, you can get all your best picks in one place for simpler meal prep and easy sharing. Learn how to digitize your recipe archives to save and share recipes online.

Get your recipes on your desktop.

The trick is to stay organized. Follow these steps to collate, digitize, and share your recipes.

  1. Find your recipes. Gather all of your favorites, from all of your sources — websites, apps, books, handwritten notes, you name it.
  2. File and organize. Which are hardcopy recipes? Which are online? Organize accordingly; you’ll want to scan the hard copies to a PDF, while the online recipes will only need to be converted to a PDF. More on that next.
  3. Scan, PDF, and upload. Scan your hardcopy recipes. (If you don’t have a scanner, most shipping and office supply stores do.) This will create a digital PDF that you can save to your desktop. Then, take your online sources and save each webpage as a PDF. You should be left with a desktop folder full of recipe PDFs.
  4. Share and enjoy. Organize your PDF recipes however you see fit, and then share them with your friends. Email, post to social media, whatever your preferred means of online communication. All are possible now that your archives are digital.

Connect over PDFs.

Share recipes and other cherished stories with simple PDF documents. Discover what more you can do with Adobe Acrobat to convert, save, compress, merge, and send PDFs.