How to write an impressive case study.

Show potential clients you have what it takes to solve their problems with a well-written case study.

Case studies are great for business. They build trust in your operation and show how your product or service solves your clients’ problems. But crafting a good case study takes practice. Read on to learn how to write a case study that will wow your reader.

Start with research.

Before you begin, review not just what you did for the client but also how you accomplished it. Remember to interview your client to get their point of view — and hopefully, some great quotes for your study. Then, determine your target audience to make sure you include relevant information.

Use a clear case study format.

To write a case study, follow these six steps:

  1. Headline: Write a brief headline that tells the most important details — like a news headline.
  2. Summary: Include a brief summary of the client’s name and industry, what product/service you offered, and the results. You can use bullet points here.
  3. The problem section: In a couple of paragraphs, introduce your client and the challenge they faced. Include quotes if possible.
  4. The solution section: Explain why the client chose you, how you approached their problem, and how your service solved it.
  5. The results section: Detail the tangible results and benefits the client received. Numbers and statistics are great for this section.
  6. Conclusion: If you have a good quote from your client recommending your services, add it as a conclusion. However, this part is optional.

Share the case study.

Once you’ve written and edited your case study, share it as a PDF document. PDF is a lightweight, universal document format that works on any device. This way, you can ensure your readers can open your case study wherever they are.

You can convert your case study into a PDF with Adobe Acrobat online services. You can also compress the PDF file to make it faster and easier to share.

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