It’s simple to convert a PDF to an RTF.

When you need to send content from a PDF for a large project, convert your PDF to RTF so it’s in a smaller format for easier sharing.

Say you’re in the process of putting together a large book. You’ve saved it as a PDF and it includes a lot of text, illustrations, charts, and graphs. A colleague asks to see “just the text,” so you want to send them a simplified file. With the help of Adobe Acrobat, you can easily convert the PDF to an RTF — a convenient file type that retains the text formatting but is smaller in size than a PDF.

How to convert a PDF to an RTF format.

To begin, open the PDF in Acrobat and choose Export PDF from the toolbar on the right. When the list of available formats appears, choose Other Formats and then Rich Text Format (RTF).

For more options, such as retaining comments or text flow, click on the gear icon. If you want to remove images from the file, uncheck the boxes associated with them. Then simply click the Export button, and your file will convert to whichever format is the default on your device for RTF, such as Microsoft Word.

For a quicker conversion with no settings to consider, start by going to the File menu of your PDF. Navigate to Export To and then Rich Text Format. If this conversion doesn’t suit your needs, you can always return to the previous conversion option.

Now your file is ready to go to the next phase of your project, and it’s that much closer to completion. Discover how you can make file sharing more convenient with all the conversion capabilities found in Acrobat such as PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, JPG to PDF, and more.