What is document digitization?

Many people dream of going completely paperless. Learn how document digitization can help you achieve that goal.

You probably already receive your bills by email instead of paper. Using paper consumes valuable natural resources, wastes time, and requires tons of space to store your records. A document management system will help you reach your digitization goals and go paperless, whether for work or home.

How to reach your document digitization goal.

If it sometimes seems like reaching your goal of going paperless is impossible, remember that it may take time — but each step you take benefits the planet and saves you money. Now that you’ve asked companies that send you monthly bills and statements to use email instead of paper, start digitizing those new documents as you receive them. You can work on stored paper documents later.

Create a logical filing system with appropriate folders for the various documents you expect to scan. With an organized system, you’ll never lose another document, plus you can access digital documents from anywhere. If you need your child’s shot record, no problem, just bring up the digital copy on your smartphone.

Digitized document management.

Choosing the right software can make the digitization of documents nearly effortless. Pick software and mobile apps that allow you to digitize documents on the go. Wherever and whenever you receive a paper document, quickly scan it to create a digital copy. Soon you’ll find you’ve gone paperless.

After scanning a paper document, convert it to PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC and save it in your digital file system, where you can always find it later. You can also do this using Acrobat online services. Take a moment to discover what more you can do with Acrobat DC to accomplish your documents digitization goals.