What to include in a yearly to do list.

A yearly to do list is an essential part of annual planning. It is the part of the plan that turns ideas into action.

The best way to reach your annual goals is to break them down into actionable steps and put each on a yearly to-do list. Things may change during the year, but a twelve-month to-do list will help you keep everything in the proper order. The best time to create this list is at the end of the year before.

How to create a year-end to do list.

Start with your goals for the coming year. Include big-ticket purchases you want to make, vacations or business travel, and your personal development goals. Each of these may require several steps to achieve, like saving money, making purchases, and arranging schedules.

Once you’ve determined your goals for the year, add each item to your yearly to-do list. Think about how long each step will take and in what order you want to accomplish them. As the year progresses, move all the related steps out and adjust the finish date if you fall short of achieving a step on time.

Make a yearly to do list template.

The list of things to do in a year can be overwhelming, so keep it simple and make a template. By designing a PDF template, you won’t have to start over next year, and as you merge the PDFs from each year, you’ll create a history of your accomplishments. Each year your template will become better and more valuable.

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