5 PowerPoint slide design ideas for great presentations.

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Use these helpful tips to design engaging PowerPoint slide layouts that catch your audience’s attention.

Figuring out PowerPoint slide design ideas can be overwhelming. It may not seem fair, but it’s true — a good presentation is just as much about looks as it is about content. A well-designed PowerPoint slide layout not only gives the audience something interesting to look at but also helps to keep them engaged.

Our five ideas for slide layouts should give you a head start on crafting the perfect presentation.

What makes for a strong slide layout?

A strong slide layout is the foundation of a great presentation, capturing the attention of the audience and effectively conveying the message. Minimalism and simplicity play a crucial role in slide design, ensuring that the content is clear, concise, and easily digestible. By eliminating clutter and excessive text, key points can be emphasized, enhancing overall comprehension.

Incorporating branding elements, such as consistent colors, fonts, and logos, not only reinforces the presenter’s identity but also adds a professional touch to the slides. Visuals are powerful tools that engage the audience and make information more memorable. From high-quality images to well-designed charts and diagrams, visuals complement the text, creating a visually appealing and impactful slide layout.

Top slide layout ideas for your PPT presentation.

When it comes to creating an impactful presentation, you can elevate the quality of your slides and ensure they leave a lasting impression by following key principles. From selecting a cohesive slide layout to incorporating visually appealing elements and adhering to design guidelines, each step contributes to the overall success of your presentation:

1. Pick a slide layout for your presentation.

Use similar design elements and font choices throughout your presentation. If each slide looks completely different, the parade of styles and colors can easily distract your audience. When you keep the style unified, they’re more likely to pay attention to your message.

2. Keep slide layouts simple and minimalistic.

Minimalism doesn’t mean you don’t use any colors or pictures — just don’t go overboard with them. Stick to three colors and keep your layout clear and well-organized to put the focus on the information.

3. Use visuals to support your slide information.

Visuals are a powerful tool to support slide information, as people tend to remember pictures better than text. Incorporating well-sized images or icons that are related to the data helps highlight the important parts. For example, you can use a big pie chart to emphasize market share growth or a photo of an animal to put more weight on an ecological message.

Consider a few tips to ensure their effectiveness when using charts, graphs, and infographics. Choose appropriate chart types that best represent the data and consider color schemes that enhance readability and visual impact. With well-crafted visuals, your slide presentation can engage and resonate with your audience, making your message more memorable.

4. Follow the six-by-six rule for presentation layouts.

When choosing your fonts and designing your layout, aim to have no more than six lines on one slide with six words per line. This format gives you enough space to communicate your point without making the slide too crowded. It’s not a rule carved in stone, but the six-by-six structure is a good starting point for each slide.

5. Convert to PDF and print your presentation layouts.

You may have to share your presentation afterward with your audience. Create a design that looks good both on screen and paper. Converting your presentation to a PDF to a PDF can help you check how the slides look once printed. You can also add an appendix slide in presentation decks before converting them so team members can easily locate information when reviewing slides.

PowerPoint slide design ideas for a professional feel.

To give your PowerPoint presentation a professional feel, consider incorporating the following design ideas:

These ideas can get you started on designing good-looking slide layouts. But only practice makes perfect, so go ahead and start experimenting.

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