How to merge comments from two PDF files.

Learn how to merge comments from two PDFs with these easy methods.

Comments are one of the most helpful features in PDFs. They allow you to suggest edits and collaborate with others. However, they’re only truly beneficial if you can see them in all your PDF documents. If you want to merge PDF comments between two documents, here are a few ways to accomplish that.

Use a downloaded PDF editor.

You might need to merge PDF comments on the go, even when you don’t have internet access. For merging power at your fingertips, it’s best to download a PDF editor to your device.

A standalone PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat can give you access to more PDF editing features without needing internet access. To merge comments from two PDFs using Acrobat, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the PDF where you want to apply comments.
  2. Click Comments on the top toolbar.
  3. Use the dropdown next to Options and select Import Data File.
  4. Choose the PDF with the comments you want to merge.
  5. Click Open.

The comments from the selected PDF will import into your current PDF. If the formatting is different between the two documents, you may need to drag some comments around to line them up with the appropriate text.

Merge PDF comments from your web browser.

Rather not download another piece of software? You can also merge PDF comments through your web browser with an online PDF editor like Acrobat online services. Simply open the PDF you want to upload your comments to, use the Add Comments tool to bring over comments from the other PDF documents, and download the finished product.

The downloaded PDF will have all the comments you added from the other document and be ready for all your collaborators to view.