How to format a book report.

Learn what the basic book report format is and how creating a PDF report template can help you with your assignments.

Every student eventually has to write a book report, but many find the task daunting. Fortunately, it gets much easier once you know the right book report format. Teachers, too, can help by handing out a pre-formatted report template to their students.

Read on to learn how to format your book report and easily write it on any device.

The basic book report format.

A basic book report has a fairly standardized format. It consists of four parts:

  1. Book information: List the title and author of the book, the publisher and publication date, and the book’s genre. (Of course, include your name and the date of the report as well.)
  2. Introduction: Lay out your thesis statement, or the claim that addresses the topic of your assignment. Provide about five sentences of supporting context by referring to the author and the book’s genre and plot.
  3. Body paragraphs: Write a summary of the plot, characters, and setting. Throughout this section, point out the details that support your thesis.
  4. Conclusion: In one paragraph, summarize your main arguments. Highlight how the details you’ve quoted support or validate your thesis.

This format also works for non-fiction books. In this case, simply talk about the author’s ideas and arguments instead of plot elements.

Create a PDF book report template.

Instead of starting from scratch every time you have to do a book report, create a book report template that you can quickly fill out. You can create the template with any word editing software, using the format above as a guideline, but you should convert it to a PDF to make sure the template displays correctly on any device. You can easily convert the template with Adobe Acrobat online services.

To write your report, simply edit the PDF and add text to the pre-formatted locations. Then you can turn in your report on time, wherever you are.

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