Create a winning college resume template.

Here’s how to make applying to colleges that much simpler.

Applying to college is an exciting milestone for many high schoolers. And every college resume you send gets you one step closer to an acceptance letter. That’s why each resume is so important — it just might be your ticket into the school of your dreams. Here are some college resume template guidelines that will help you impress your next admissions officer.

Include some detail.

Your college resume should include details about you. Start with the basics like:

  1. Your contact info
  2. A quick bio
  3. Education history
  4. Grades and awards
  5. Extracurricular activities

Include details you think a college admissions officer would find interesting. Think about what sets you apart as a student and makes you a unique candidate. For example, if you’re on the high school swim team or have a passion for travel, include that kind of information to give them a fuller picture of who you really are. If you have an existing professional resume PDF, you can use this as a starting point. Simply convert your PDF to a Microsoft Word document to edit it as a college resume.

Organize your resume.

Next, organize your college student resume template. You can do this in chronological or reverse chronological order. You can also separate your resume by categories, like education and extracurricular activities.

Once your resume is complete and organized, save it to your desktop for quick access. And if a college requires you to sign your college resume before submitting it, you can use a PDF signature tool.

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