Donation letter template.

Need to raise money for your organization or a good cause? Learn how to create a donation letter template that’ll encourage more contributions.

Information to include in a donation letter template.

Donation letters can vary from organization to organization, but there are a few pieces of information that should make the cut for every business:

  1. Your info — In the header, include your organization’s name, logo, website, mailing address, phone number, and any other contact information donors might need.
  2. Personal greeting — Every donation letter template should start with a personal salutation that greets the potential donor by name. If you don’t know their name, use something friendly like “Dear friend, neighbor, etc.”
  3. Project details — Explain to potential donors what you need the money for. If you don’t prove your good cause, you probably won’t get many donations.
  4. A specific request — Include a specific request in your donation letter. Saying “$25 is enough to purchase new shoes for a child in need” is more powerful than a generic ask. Just don’t forget to make it clear that any donation will help and to thank them for their support.
  5. Call to action — Finish your donation letter template with a call to action that explains the next steps you want the reader to follow. For example, this could be to follow a link to a landing page on your website.

Save as a PDF.

It’s easiest to write your donation letter template in a word processing application like Microsoft Word, but before hitting the send button, make sure to convert the template to a PDF.

PDFs maintain formatting, no matter what device the recipient uses to read your letter. Plus, donors can fill out the document and sign it with the click of a button. They can even complete the form using an online PDF editor without needing to download new software. The easier it is for donors to fill out, the more likely they’ll follow through.

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