How to make a social media plan template.

Learn how to create a social media plan template that makes it easy to stay on top of your content creation and posting schedule.

Social media management is much more than just occasionally posting a picture to Instagram. It requires immense planning to execute an effective strategy. To keep you and your team on the same page, it helps to create a social media plan template.

What is a social media plan template?

A social media plan template is a great way to keep your team organized and hold everyone accountable. It’s a blank spreadsheet that you fill in with all the information you need to build an effective strategy. That way, you won’t miss anything as you build out your next killer social media campaign.

Information to include.

Social media plan templates only work if they contain all the information you’ll need. Here are just a few pieces of information you should include as you build your templates:

So that you don’t forget anything, it’s helpful to download a social media plan PDF online. Not only will it ensure all the information is there, but it’ll also save you time building a template from scratch.

Create fillable PDF forms to share with your team.

Spreadsheets aren’t always easy to share across devices without altering the formatting. To make sure everyone on your team sees the same spreadsheet — no matter which device they use — turn your PDF into fillable forms with Adobe Acrobat.

With fillable forms, you can share PDF spreadsheets that your team can fill in, edit, and share for the ultimate collaborative social media management process.

Discover more about how Acrobat can help you stay organized with your social media campaigns.