How to make a receipt PDF.

If you run a business, manage a shop, or sell just about anything, you need to provide your customers with receipts. This article offers some easy ideas for creating a receipt template.

Almost any time that money changes hands, a receipt of the transaction should follow. A receipt is the basic record of a purchase or a sale. When you create a receipt PDF, you know that all the essential information will be included. You can fill in the amounts and other details and even capture signatures digitally. You can also create a receipt PDF using an online PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat online services.

What to include in a receipt PDF.

Building a receipt PDF is an easy task: Certain things will never change, such as your name, address, and terms of the sale. Other things will be different for each sale, like the items being sold and the amounts that customers paid. Use an editable receipt PDF template for a professional, easy-to-use receipt process.

When you create a receipt PDF, you’ll want to include these essential items:

The most basic and valuable financial document is a receipt. It provides proof of purchase and a record of each sale. Use an editable receipt PDF template to simplify your forms. Discover everything you can do with Acrobat to convert, share, and send PDFs.