School permission slips for field trips.

Students can’t travel outside of school without permission from their parents. Learn how to write a permission slip template that will provide all the information you’ll need.

Information to include.

Permission slips for field trips are more than just signed pieces of paper. They should include all the information both parents and teachers need to keep students safe. Make sure to include the following information on any permission slips for students:

If you’re not comfortable creating a school permission slip yourself, you can download premade templates online.

Save as a PDF.

The easiest way to create permission slips is with a word processing program like Microsoft Word. That will allow you to create bulleted lists of the field trip details for easy organization and readability.

Although Word is the easiest way to build your school permission slip, it’s not the best way to send it. It’s easy for anyone to edit Word files, and the formatting might not stay the same between devices.

Always save your templates as PDFs using software like Adobe Acrobat to ensure formatting and prevent accidental editing. You can even leave spaces for parents to quickly and easily fill in information. They can also sign the permission slip online using an e-signature.

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