Learn about school visitor management software.

From paper logs to high-tech software that scans a driver’s license, school visitor management systems have many options. Learn more about what software system you should consider having at your school.

There is nothing more important for schools than to provide a safe place for children to learn. Controlling who comes into a school is a critical element of school security. Software that can log visitors and check their information against law enforcement watch lists can help reduce unwanted visitors.

Best school visitor management system.

Schools have used paper logs for years, but they are cumbersome, difficult to store, and not easily searchable. A fillable PDF form is a better way to collect visitor information. You can also gather and record school visitor information using many of the forms and tools found in Adobe Acrobat online services.

To find the best school visitor management system for your school, consider the following:

School visitor management software for schools is essential for student, staff, and teacher safety. A great place to start is to avoid paper logs and create a fillable PDF form that visitors can quickly complete before being allowed on campus.

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